After your Procedure and Discharge

Day Stay Patient

After your procedure you will recover in comfortable reclining chairs. Refreshments are available at this time.

Your Surgeon/Specialist or Nurse will discuss any follow up treatment before arranging your discharge from hospital. Upon discharge you will need to be driven home by a responsible adult.

You will need to have a responsible adult to stay with you at least overnight following your procedure.

Inpatient, Overnight Stay or Longer

If you are staying overnight you will be settled in a room. We have:

  • 15 private rooms, each with their own en-suite
  • one two-bedded room with an en-suite
  • one four-bedded room with separate bathroom facilities.

Each Inpatient bed has its own television equipped with Sky TV.

Your Surgeon/Specialist or Nurse will advise you of what to expect over the coming days as you recover. You will receive full information on what to do when you get home, any necessary follow-up appointments, on-going treatment or medication.

The recommended discharge time is 10:00am. Please discuss any concerns regarding your discharge time with your Nurse. Should you request a later discharge time, there may be an additional fee.

Equipment at Home and Additional Services

Basic equipment, such as crutches and/or a raised toilet seat, will be provided if required. Please let us know I f you think you will require additional equipment to ensure your safety at home following discharge.

Referrals to support services will be made in line with the service providers’ criteria and according to your individual needs.

When You Get Home

You may expect to feel a little tender after the operation, please feel free to phone us for advice.
However, should you feel:

  • increased pain or excessive swelling around the wound;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • chest pain or breathing trouble;
  • fever or chills,

please call your Surgeon/Specialist or Doctor immediately.

In the event of an emergency, call an ambulance 111

Hospital Payment Arrangements